Brantford Hydro Inc. is a retail company that provides a variety of utility-related services, including water heater rentals, sentinel lighting and high-speed fibre optic telecommunication connections through its NetOptiks division.

Equipment Rentals

Brantford Hydro Inc. rents various sizes of electric hot water heaters and sentinel lighting fixtures.

Three sizes of hot water heaters are available for rental:

Equipment Type Monthly Rates
40 Gallon Hot Water Tank $12.95
60 Gallon Hot Water Tank $13.99
100 Gallon Hot Water Tank $13.99

Natural Gas
Equipment Type Monthly Rates
40 Conventional Tank $13.95
50 Conventional Tank $16.95
60 Conventional Tank $18.95
40 Power Vent Tank $21.25
50 Power Vent Tank $21.75
60 Power Vent Tank $22.75
Tankless Water Heater $33.95

Water Softener $29.95

Sentinel Lights
Equipment Type Monthly Rates
100 Watt Sentinel Light $6.05
175 Watt Sentinel Light $5.49
100 Watt Sentinel Light (New) $8.25

For information and service call (519) 756-1360.